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‘LOBOSCHIZA martia (Meyrick)’

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'HYPSIDIA erythropsalis Rothschild'

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'MILIONIA aetheria ( Turner)'

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‘LOBOSCHIZA martia (Meyrick)’

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The Australian Lepidoptera Research Endowment, established by Drs Marianne Horak and Douglas Hilton within the Perpetual Foundation, wishes to support taxonomic and phylogenetic research on Australian moths and butterflies by professional and amateur entomologists and to enhance the curation of the Lepidoptera collection at the Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC). 


Activities of interest include:

·    Support for visitors or students to curate parts of the ANIC Lepidoptera collection

·    Collecting trips designed to obtain material for specific taxonomic studies

·    Molecular, morphological and life-history research to generate data for taxonomic and phylogenetic        studies

·    Provision of cabinets to amateur collectors to ensure proper housing of material collected or on loan      from Institutions

·    Preparation and printing of scientific publications

·    Travel and accommodation for international researchers to work in the ANIC to undertake taxonomic      research and/or curatorial work enhancing the scientific value of the collection

·    Scholarships to support undergraduate, MSc and PhD students undertaking taxonomic and              

     phylogenetic research.




A call for applications will be made by the Endowment in January each year and will outline the amount of funding available and the areas that will be considered for support. The deadline for receipt of applications will be 1 March. A decision on which applications to recommend to the trustee to fund from the Endowment will be made by the Scientific Advisory Committee and the trustee will advise successful applicants by 31 May. Researchers must provide the Scientific Advisory Committee with a report showing previously funded research has been completed before becoming eligible for potential new funding. Grant application forms see under Grants. Read more.



Why support research on Australian Lepidoptera?

Australia has a very rich Lepidoptera fauna, estimated to number at least 30,000 species of which at best one third have been named. Our fauna also is unique with a high number of taxa not occurring anywhere else, including 5 endemic families, the last of those, the Aenigmatineidae, described in January 2015. Read more


Our Donors 

Our donors make it possible to support promising opportunities for Lepidoptera research in Australia and curation of Lepidoptera at the ANIC. Read more


Scientific Advisory Committee 

The Australian Lepidoptera Research Endowment will be overseen by a SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE of initially three people. The Advisory Committee will be responsible for selecting a chairperson and recruiting new members as required. It will make all decisions on which research or curatorial activities will be supported and give distribution recommendations from the Endowment to the trustee, Perpetual. The Advisory Committee will take into consideration individual donor wishes when making funding recommendations. Read more



The Australian Lepidoptera Research Endowment can be supported by:

·    Individual donations  

·    Annual contributions

·    Donations through bequests

Donations to the Perpetual Foundation - Australian Lepidoptera Research Endowment are managed by Perpetual. Due to the administration of tax-deductible donations, AU$ 5000 is the minimal donation that can be accepted into the Endowment. Read more


Acknowledgements to CSIRO Publishing for the Logobased on a drawing by R. Nielsen for the Checklist of the Lepidoptera of Australia, volume 4 of Monographs on Australian Lepidoptera: